On my journey to self discovery these are things I know.

1) I need to get more of a “nature fix”. Oceans, mountains and trees need to be a part of my life and least once a month.
2) I need to really working on finding some friends with similar interests
3) Take another writing class, but not online
4) Join a writing group
5) Start a blog (I’m trying to, here)
6) Write, write, write
7) Go white water rafting in Utah
8) Start biking, its not like we don’t have bikes
9) Go to San Diego at least one long weekend every couple of months. That place sure is good for the soul
10) Go out in our boat more often and try “fishing”
11) Rent kayak’s at Lake Las Vegas
12) Start walking again
13) Chill on watching so much television
14) Have more fun
15) Laugh more
16) Try new things

“Well, I guess this is the end of the line”. These were the final words my father spoke to me as he waited for death to finally overtake him. He’ll never know what an impact these words have had on my life since then. I find myself in uncharted waters on a mission to discover “myself” and what truly will make “my cup runnith over”. I just don’t want to get to the end of the line with regrets about not really living life to the fullest…..