Wow, I have not written a blog post in almost three weeks, shame on me. I’ve been feeling lately that I need to, excuse my french, “but shit or get off the pot.” Don’t get me wrong I love blogging but sometimes I feel like it’s an excuse for my fear of actually trying to do some “fiction writing.” I know I have it in me, at least I think I do. I have so many story ideas running through my head that I do want to explore and just start writing and see where it takes me.

These are a few of the ideas I have for stories, chapters or even a paragraph that I want to play around with and explore.

1. A story about modern day witches but with a funny twist. I think the story would open with an older witch looking back in time. The first sentence would be along the line with – Most children ride their first bike when they are roughly five years old. I was never one to be conventional, I rode my first broom when I was five years old…

2. A story about women in her thirties who’s life has fallen apart and she has to move back home with her mother. She has never had a good relationship with her mother. Her mother, never one to care what other people think has always embarrassed her with her carefree attitude. Her mother dresses weird, has strange friends, drinks too much, sunbathes naked in their back yard, the list goes on and on. But her mother to the reader would be a like-able character. To me, the daughter is just too uptight and needs to chill out.

The mother is a “secret” private eye and the daughter is eventually pulled into these crazy “situations” and becomes a partner in crime. The get into some hysterical detective work with their disguises and characters they must play. The daughter comes to love her mothers “uniqueness.” It’s a feel good story about the relationship with mothers and daughters.

I am excited to play around with this one.

Have you ever seen the movie Albert Brooks wrote and starred in with Debbie Reynolds playing his mother. He was a writer that was “blocked” and was trying to figure out why. He decides as an “experiment” to move back in with his Mom. My god, that movie was hysterical. It’s called “Mother” and if you haven’t seen it, rent it. I love Al Brooks’ humor, I get it…

I know I just need to try to “free write” because I get overwhelmed with all these books I read telling me the proper way to write fiction. There are just so many “rules” that sometimes it gets me stuck and stops me from trying.

Do any of you bloggers feel the same way? I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

The photos on the side are of my husband and I. We finally loaded some of our Alaska pictures on my computer.

Today is one of those days when I have so many thoughts running through my head. A guy that I work with is always asking me when I am going to do another post to my blog. I guess he’s living vicariously through me and my exciting life, yeah right! I tell him I have to have something on my mind, find something amusing or just feel like ranting. So while I was sitting on a table I looked over on the rail at a customer who was watching “the action” on my table and thought as I looked at him, “there’s something to blog about.”

Okay, so as I said above there was a guy watching my poker table. He had a pretty big facial wart on his chin. I know people have warts and maybe they don’t have the insurance to have them removed, I get that, I guess. It was the long black hair that caught my attention as he turned and the light captured it in all its glory, it must have been at least and inch and a half long. My first thought was, “look away” but I couldn’t, I was morbidly fascinated as well as grossed out. “Does he not see the hair, will it bleed if he pulls it out, why not just trim it with scissors,”, these were my thoughts.

I know “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but I’m hoping that he and that hair both get on the plane together when it’s time to depart our fine city.

I get in these moods where I take classes either on campus or online. I just finished up this class on “internet publishing” this morning. It had some good information but I didn’t care for the way that the content was written, it was very dry and boring. It really didn’t hold my interest and I’m so thankful that I am through with it.

There is a company in town that I would like to apply to work for. I am doing all my reading about them, seeing what positions they have open, what positions look like I would fit into, how best to market my abilities, what classes I might need to take to help me get in, gearing up my resume. I just feel like I would be a good fit there. If I get an interview I feel like I would do well at it, I usually do well at interviews. They are a company that it is rated one of the top 15 to work for in the country and they are all about “having fun.” I don’t know why but I just have this feeling it will happen. I visualize it happening and I have been getting all kinds of weird signs about this company since I’ve been thinking about it. Once I get back from my Christmas vacation this will be my “top priority.” Wish me luck.

We went over our friends for dinner on Saturday night. Dale and I had so much turkey left over from Thanksgiving that we made up a huge batch of slop for Turkey Pot Pies. It came out really good, so this is what we brought to our friends. Dale and Mike were having way to many cocktails and getting really “stupid.” They thought they were being funny, but they were just being idiots. Donna (Mike’s wife) and I were sitting on the couches and she asked me if I’d seen the show “sister wives.” Of course I had. It’s about the Mormon guy in Utah who is married to three sisters and has about 16 kids.

We were both laughing because we thought, that would be kind of cool. I’d take him one night a week in my room. I have no problem sharing, what a great life that would be. What’s wrong with that!

When I got home Donna and I kept texting each other and I kept saying, “I want to be a sister wife.” I don’t know why but for some reason we found this hysterical.

Well I could write more but I know that posts that get too long can get kind of boring. I guess I’ll go throw some turkey slop in a pie shell and cook it up for dinner. It seems to have gotten thicker over the last couple days. I have a few tiles loose, I guess I could use it for grout.

Until we meet again.