I was starting to feel downright embarrassed about my multiple trips to Bed Bath and Beyond and my craziness about finding the perfect pillow.

It just wasn’t right!”  I was starting to feel like Bed Bath and Beyond would put me on some type of a black list, a pillow black list!  I was starting to feel like I would never find my “perfect pillow,” what’s a girl to do?  A sad girl without her pillow, I was desperate!

I was on my I-pad, yes,  actually doing google searches for at least an hour or so.   I can’t be the only person who has major pillow problems.  I was very happy to see there are a lot of us out there, I’m not alone which did bring me some comfort.  I swear I have woken up with a headache almost every morning for years it feels like.  It’s always at the base of my head where my neck is, sometimes these headaches will last for days.  It really is miserable…

I was telling Dale – why isn’t there just a “pillow store?” I started thinking about mattress companies and remembered the commercials for the Sleep Number Bed and how you set the mattress for your specific number that works best for you.  I wondered – Did they make a pillow for your particular needs?  I pulled up their site and saw they did have an adjustable pillow and there was a store very close to home  http://www.sleepnumber.com/.  It was like I was at the Indy 500 racing to what I like to call my “pillow store.”

I walked into the Sleep Number Store and was helped by one of the sales ladies.  I told her all my issues – position I go to sleep in, type of bed I have, type of pillows I’ve used, where my headaches are located.  And she said,  get this, “it sounds like you’re using the wrong pillow!”  Finally, validation!

I saw the adjustable pillow but was told it would be to firm for me, I’d still get headaches.  She told me you can customize your own pillow with Sleep Number.


I wanted to scream with excitement when I saw this display.  I can create my own “perfect pillow.”  I felt like I was at the Build a Bear Workshop for adults.

I spent a good portion of time selecting the perfect material for the outside portion.  I ended up with an “Alternate Down” outer, and a “Real Down” inner.  These pillows all have an opening where you choose your own insides – check it out!

I’m happy to say that I am in love with my new pillow.  If you have any similar “issues” check these pillows out.

Dale is crying now that he needs a new pillow too.