I was reading a post about things that touched you today and it made my hands start to itch to get my thoughts down on paper, well on the keyboard I guess. Little things in life really touch me. This morning my cat was so cute I just wanted to stay home and hug him all day, he touches me with his unconditional love.

I was driving down my street this morning and there were a bunch of birds at the bottom of my neighbors driveway enjoying the runoff water from his lawn recently being watered. When I see something in nature that inspires or touches me it’s almost like I see it as a snapshot through a camera lens. It was quiet, peaceful and it kind of moved me. I saw the same thing yesterday and was hoping to see it again today as I pulled out of my driveway.

I drive by this house on my way to work that I always look at, its just part of my morning routine. There is an older couple that lives there and on warm days I will see them sitting on their porch in their old chairs having coffee and reading the morning paper. I don’t see the woman anymore and it makes me really sad, I worry she has died. I still watch for him but don’t see him outside as often, he’s never sitting in his chair anymore. They are part of my life now and I worry about him, this stranger that I do not know but care deeply about.