Have you ever been somewhere or in some type of an environment that just felt like it fit you?  It gave you a “warm fuzzy” feel.  You just wanted to kick off your shoes, take off your bra (that’s always a must), maybe throw a nice tasty alcoholic beverage over ice and plop down on that “come relax on me” overstuffed chair. 


This is how I felt when I opened the door to my local Pottery Barn Store – ahhhh, “Home Sweet Home.”

I found myself taking off my shoes and sox and climbing into my beautifully arranged bed with it’s rustic duvet cover.  I felt my eyes growing weary as I slowly turned off my nautical themed lamp on my distressed teak wood nightstand.  My hurricane vases looked so good on the dresser with their sand, seashells and candles,  I sigh with contentment.  God, I love my bedroom!


Imagine my distress when I was awoken from my slumber – Why does my mother always invade my dreams I thought, nag, nag, and nag.    “You’re not going out with your hair like that,” is usually what she taunts me with.  
“Mam, this is the last time I’m going to tell you before we call the police.  You are at the Pottery Barn Store and you must get out of that bed.”

Last time I’m inviting that “bitch” to one of my themed backyard barbecue parties with matching table cloths, umbrellas, strung up lights and as many cold beverages as you can drink in their 50’s style glass jars.