Do you ever notice that when your running late that “Murphy’s Law” thing always seems to happen.  I often ask myself, “what gives,” ” I mean come on already!”

I was running late leaving the house this morning and of course I have to get behind someone going 15 m.p.h. driving in my neighborhood.    I get on the freeway and no one seems to want to let me merge, “really people.”  I hit every stop light, get behind every slow driver.   And then,  I stop at Walgreens (needed gum)  and there is only one person working the register and I am third in line.  Of course you can guess what happens next, the cashier shouts out, “I need a price check on register one.”  Why wouldn’t he, I thought.  I pull into my parking garage at work at their are no open spots where I normally park.

Oh yeah, the real topper to my morning was:

“Having the toilet seat liner stick to my ass because we are having monsoon season in Nevada and it is so muggy.  It took me forever to peel that second skin from my backside.”  I was almost late clocking in!