I was busy running around this morning getting the last of my suitcase packed up for my vacation that starts today, heading back East to see the family.

It was much earlier than I normally get up (around 5:15 a.m.) and as I glance out the front window I  see the dark clouds floating around the blue/black sky with the street lights casting a warm glow.  I’m not outside but I can feel the quiet and I’m transported back in time.

I’m 20 years old and in Air Force Basic Training marching around with my troop at dawn with the dark clouds and that same blue/black sky, the street lights casting their warm glow.  The air is so quiet and the only sounds you hear are a hundred pairs of combat boots hitting the pavement.

I marched out into the living room and shouted to Dale (*) Road Guards Out.”

I love that we have a shared history and he gets that, it made me smile this morning.

* This is something the Drill Sargent would yell out and two soldiers would run up to the upcoming street crossing with their flashlights with the Star Wars green laser covers so we could cross the street in safety.  The funny thing was there was never any traffic this damn early.