Not sure if this is blog worthy but it’s something I’m playing around with so why not “put it out there.”  I’m trying to write or attempting to write some fiction.   This is why I’ve been a bit absent lately on doing new posts to my blog.  

It’s just a bud of an idea and it’s constantly changing but I keep coming back to it somehow.   It’s about a married couple (mid fifties) from the south.  They go on a trip to Graceland and Earl somehow is turning into Elvis or picked up Elvis’ spirit or something, not sure where it is going yet.  But it’s fun creating it because it constantly keeps changing and going in new directions. 

This is just how my thought process goes and what ideas are rolling around my in my head… 

My notes (these are my actual notes) 

Elvis Story Idea 

Is it possible to write a book about this.  It could be kind of funny. 

I like the name Earl for the man 

Play around with wife’s name (something southern and clumsy, she’s got a nickname) 

First Chapter would be the wife speaking about her husband loosing his mind – 

“It all started when we visited that dang Graceland, Earl’s been acting all kinds of crazy since then.  It started with those ridiculous side burns, I think they call them “mutt and chops.”  I was a little aggravated when he started growing them things but I thought he was going through some kind of middle age crisis.  Oprah talked about that very thing last month on her show.     I thought it best to keep my comments to myself.  I must say though, he looks like a damn idjiot!”

I think it will sound better in third person….

– is wife the protagonist?

– is Earl the protagonist?

– could I write from a male point of view, why not

– how could  this story be about wife growing or is it just about a couple that has gotten kind of bored in their marriage.  They could both grow and become happier people and learn to appreciate each other.  They learn things and desires about each other that they never knew.  Can their marriage survive, hmmmmm….. interesting……  

– maybe this is just a short story and not enough of an idea for a book

– it could almost be like that Nicolas Cage movie where he wakes up in someone else’s body, with someone else’s family even though we know it’s his family. 

The second chapter could be Earl’s POV  – who the he’ll is this women next to me in bed! 

Earl  (written in third person, sounds better)

“Earl Jones slowly opened his eyes and felt a sense of panic wash over him.  Where in the hell was he and who the hell is this old woman laying next to him?  Jesus H. Christ he thought, how much did I have to drink last night?  He slowly slides his hand beneath the blanket and groans,    Earl Jones is completely naked.”

Maybe it’s not even about Elvis.  I like that paragraph about Earl.  I can see him going to the bathroom and shitting a brick when he looks in the mirror.  He washes his face and slowly looks up in the mirror at a total stranger “Holy Shit, he mutters, I need a peanut butter and banana sandwich right now.  (Elvis loved those)….