I’ve always been amused by “toilet humor”.  Anything that is along that line, especially with woman concerned is so funny to me.  I’m not even sure where my interest stems from.  When I was a little kid I ate a piece of string.  I didn’t realize it was a problem until I had to do a “number 2”.  I can remember a sense of panic when I saw it hanging out of my butt.  But thankfully it didn’t stay there long, “thanks Mom you’re the best”.  “Funny Stuff, right”?

Stay tuned for more posts on this fascinating subject.  And incontinence, oh don’t even get me started on that, its even funnier.      

Overnight Spring has arrived in Southern Nevada. I had to run an errand in the car. As I was driving down my street, windows wide open, radio blaring I noticed all the trees blooming, people outside in their shorts, walking, running, pushing strollers. I could feel a happiness bubbling up from inside. It made me want to rush home, throw on my sneakers and head out for a nice long walk. Which after I’m done here is exactly where I am headed. As I was driving around town watching nature awaken from its winter slumber it made me think about the whole cycle of life and death, and how life just seems to move forward, no matter what. As one life ends another is just beginning its journey, so strap on your seat-belt and enjoy the ride.

I just went to a book-signing at my library. One mystery writer, Robin Carr was interviewing another mystery writer, Maggie Sefton. I’m not much of a mystery reader but I just like to hear about “how they got into writing”, basically their journey. Maggie Sefton said that her characters just walk onto the stage. She see’s them in her mind, how they look, where they are, what they say, the story just kind of takes over. They both talked about joining the Romance Writers of America group. Even if you don’t write romance they are just a great source of information and encouragement. Maggie Sefton mentioned about your left brain being awakened, your creative side rearing itself. I’ve become so aware of this phenomenon and it really does fascinate me. Its that feeling you get when you will be doing something usually with your hands, something repetitive (driving the car, showering, gardening, walking, running) and your mind is a million miles away from the physical activity you are doing. It’s that feeling you get when your driving, you get to your final destination and you really have no recollection of even driving. Your mind knew when to stop at the stop signs, brake when needed, but you really weren’t there. So many creative ideas float throw my head at times like this, and I just like to let them roll and see where they take me. They are not just writing ideas either, I’m inventing things, opening my own business, all kinds of crazy things. I’ve begun writing these thoughts down as soon as I can while they are still fresh in my head. It’s not until the end of my day, when I read over what I have written that these ideas might seem a little crazy. But, who knows when a great idea might just work. So I’m along for the ride I guess.

Sometimes I feel like I live a “secret life”. I was able to get out of work a few hours early. I didn’t feel like going home yet so I’m enjoying a few hours to myself at the library. I love being surrounded by books. This one book I’m reading, one of many says you need to have a date by yourself at least a few hours each week, to just “be”. I thought that was a great idea, so I loaded up my book-bag a few days ago to keep in the car, in case I cut out of work early. I can come to the library, have some coffee, read magazines and books and play around with doing some writing. I’ve read a few books by various authors that have said then when they first started out they would read lots of books in the genre they preferred. I took a class in Romance Writing, these are the books that I am analyzing. I should start keeping notes on the things that I am doing to help in the “writing process” so that when I am a famous writer I can share my knowledge of what I’ve discovered. Boy, sometimes I crack myself up. It always amazes me when I’m writing how happy it makes me, I’ve got a big old smile on my face right now. It’s like I have a big secret. And to think those underwear almost ruined my whole day! They were definitely uncomfortable. When no one was around I was digging them out of my ass, I’m sure the surveillance guys were amused by it. Well, I’m off to start scanning the library shelves looking for books I can dissect. So until we meet again, happy trails to you.

My underwear have been riding up my ass all day. I had that nagging doubt when I slipped them on this morning. I did something that I’m sure others do, right? I did the customary “strut” in front of my full length mirror while watching the movement of my ass looking for possible displacement of the said “garment”. I felt like my team had victory as I proudly marched out my front door. I walked into work with confidence, changed into my uniform, checked my hair/makeup and one last look in the mirror. And as I slowly turned my head to “check”, you guessed it “right up my ass”. Just figures… What a way to start the day. I’d have to by lying if I said I didn’t think about just throwing those lying, cheating panties right into the rubbish. But, then I’ve got the jiggly ass to deal with, and that’s a whole other story.

With trepidation I slowly open the window shade hoping against hope for those gray sky’s of late to be gone. My cat, Tip is sitting on the bed staring out the window and then staring at me. He’s so darn cute but if he could talk I’m thinking “not so cute”. His dialog would go something like this, “Are you ever going to get your lazy ass off the couch”, “I want to go outside again”, “could you cut up some fresh shrimp for me”, “come on you guys wake up already”, “my litterbox needs to be cleaned”, “I’m bored”, “I want some attention”. Is that what it’s like to have kids, how exhausting.

I know I should put my sneakers on and take a walk around the park, get some exercise. I don’t know why its so hard to get motivated. I’ll see how I feel after I’ve eaten some breakfast and showered. I’d like to say that I’ll definitely do it, but I don’t like to tell lies. Until we meet again…..

I’ve been doing so much reading lately. A friend (thanks Trish) turned me on to this great author, Julia Cameron. Her books are amazing and so intuit with this new world of writing that I am becoming enthralled with. I’ve had a few “ah ha” moments the last few days. One of her exercises, that I did think seemed kind of stupid was to get up each morning and write out three pages of nothing in particular, whatever thoughts popped into your mind. It is suppose open up the creative side of your brain. So still in my pajamas and very sleepy I took pen to paper. This was one of my “ah ha” moments. It was like my pen had a mind of its own and some ideas that I had never ever thought of began to appear on the page. I’ve got an idea for a writing project that I’m pretty excited about. I look forward to seeing how it unfolds…..

Today I was having an interesting conversation with an older gentlemen who was playing on my table. We were talking about how much things had changed over the years. I remembered when my parents bought our first colored television. We laughed about the thought of actually having to pay for bottled water, who would have thought such a thing. He was telling me how his parents smoked like chimney’s in the car while the kids rode in back. I told him that I can remember when my Dad would drink his can’s of Busch Beer while we were driving in the car. DUI, what’s that. Smoking is hazardous to your health, you don’t say.

We could play outside from the time we came home from school until we would hear our parents shout out our names across the neighborhood that dinner was ready. Pogo Sticks, jump rope, 4 square, kick the bucket. Putting playing cards in the spokes of our tires on our bikes with clothespins so we sounded like motorcycles. Wearing those old medal rollerskates that you had to strap onto your shoes. Yo-yo’s, barbie dolls, snow angels, skateboarding. Monopoly, Clue, Twister, Scrabble. Oh those lazy days of summer when school was out for three months. I can remember my best friend and I whining to my Mom, “We’re so bored”. I remember one summer we sold nightcrawler worms, 25 cents a dozen. Boy, were they fun to catch on a hot summer night.
I remember how I loved to play school. I had a whole set up in the cellar. Three desks, a big blackboard and school books that Mrs. Fordyce gave to me. Even then I knew I liked to teach.
They say when you are an adult and trying to figure out what your passion is to think back to when you were a child and what you enjoyed. I liked to teach, I loved animals and I loved to write. Nothing has really changed. I have a book I wrote in the second grade, isn’t that kind of funny. I think it was called “The Bald Princess”. Why have I wasted so many years when the answers were there all along. I ponder this question.