I wait in the car, embarrassed, once again! We are at Del Taco and Dale has 16 Free Combination Meal Coupons that he has to use up by tomorrow. Mind you, he’s had these for over a month to use, but that wouldn’t be his way. We must always wait until the absolute last minute for everything.

These coupons clearly read one coupon per visit, but the cashier is willing to let us use all of them. Dale can hardly contain his excitement.

So now we have 2 Del Taco combo meals and 14 Fish combo meals. Now do the math, 16 meals times 2 tacos per meal. Yeah, that’s a shit load of tacos.

He just came out with his first four bags with a big old grin on his face. First batch he says and then shouts, “score” and raises his hand in Victory!

He has always had this excitement when he thinks he’s getting something for free or one over on the man. At least I was able to talk him out of 16 large sodas.

I sigh and pull out my notepad and begin writing at a furious pace. When inspiration hits me for a new episode I have to write it down while its fresh. Welcome to my world.