It always takes me a bit by surprise when my sense of well-being improves when I just get outside and let the sun shine on my face. 


I went outside to empty the trash and I could just feel something in the air.  My trees all have buds on their branches.  I noticed my neighbors Plum tree has one branch that had a burst of pink and white flowers that all opened up overnight.  I faced the sun and raised my arms as high as I could and did my happy “Spring Stretch.”
I needed to breathe some new life into my yard and get rid of all the dead.  Out came the leaf blower banishing all the ugly, brown, crispy remnants from my sleepy trees.  I sat on the ground pruning my bushes and smiled when I saw all the new, bright green growth just waiting for an opportunity to grow.   Why does it just feel good to dig in the dirt?