One of my husbands favorite words is, “free.”  He can’t resist it, his eyes actually light up and his heart begins to race.  “But it was free,” “they were just throwing it away,” “can you believe they were throwing this away,” “free hotdogs today,” “are you going to finish that sandwich, well if your just going to throw it away…”  These are words and phrases I’ve heard often over our twenty plus years we have been together.

As I write this blog my car isn’t able to fit into the garage, why you ask? Well, because I have some free “shit”, as I call it filling up my garage.  “But, we can sell it on Craig’s List, Vance was just going to throw it away…”

But, the sad fact is that we will probably make a few hundred dollars on this crap and then I will have to listen to Dale say, “just admit it, I was right?” God, I hate that!

I can see him so clearly as a small toddler pulling his little red wagon around the neighborhood and loading it up with all his “treasures.” He says it didn’t happen, but I have my doubts!

This is why my blog is called “the funny side of the street,” because loading this crap ass furniture into my garage I had to laugh at the absurdity of it all.  And that little, happy smile on Dale’s face thinking, “Can you believe he was just going to throw this stuff away, what an idiot!”

I say, “Who’s the idiot,” but only quietly to myself…